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Hot diggity damn! Another contest this week, it must feel like Christmas for you readers. Now we are giving away a Lenovo Thinkpad Z Series. It features a 1.73GHz Pentium M processor, XP Professional, 512MB of memory, 40GB hard drive, WiFi, fingerprint reader, 14-inch screen and CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive. It is valued at $1,499.

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This contest is going to take a little work. We want you to create a one-minute-long film entitled Laptop Confidential. The film also needs to be inspired by Film noir. Film noir is a type of cinematography that started in the early 1940s. It experimented with dark, moody lighting and typically was used in crime and drama films. Sin City could be viewed as a modern film noir flick.


Once you have completed the one-minute flick, upload it up over at YouTube and email with a link to your video and LAPTOP CONFIDENTIAL in the subject line. Any further questions can also be directed to that address. YouTube is the video watching service where you have commonly seen Mr. Sexy himself, John Biggs reviewing some fabulous products. We insist on using YouTube so we can easily integrate it into our blog for viewing and voting. Please do not reuse old content or movies—this is an original work of film noir, not a remixed 1-minute version of Fargo. Give us something good here, kids. If you can stick Gizmodo in there somewhere, that would be great as well. Amaze us. After seeing what you guys can do with hard drive noises and gingerbread houses, I know you won't let me down.

The contest deadline is Monday, January 30 at midnight. All of the standard Gawker contest rules apply.