Even if you've never heard of INSA, you've probably seen his work—the British street artist has designed signature collections for everyone from Nike to Kid Robot. But his latest work is a little bit more immortal: INSA's making GIFs.

These aren't your regular, run-of-the-mill animations. INSA's actually developed a method whereby he can transform wall-sized murals in cities into animated gifs that can live forever on the internet. It's simply a matter of painting several different iterations of the same piece, photographing the progress, and then converting them into GIFs on a computer. The result is simply brilliant. He calls it "GIF-iti."

You've never seen street art do this before. [BoingBoing]

London , 2013

INSA + UNGA, London, 2013

INSA + KID ZOOM, Los Angeles, 2013

London, 2013

"Make Your Own Way," Miami, 2013

INSA + REVOK, Los Angeles, 2013

"Hollywood Doom," INSA + Stanley Donwood, Los Angeles, 2013

INSA + SUMO, Luxembourg, 2013

"Online Love," Newcastle, 2013

Sydney, 2013

Gambia, 2013

London, 2013

How he does it.