Watch Soap Bubbles Get Demolished By Frigid Winter Cold

I guess this makes sense when you think about it, but I never thought about it. Soap bubbles don't stand a chance when it's -4 degrees out, as YouTube's NightHawkInLight elegantly shows us.


At least it doesn't look like a violent end for the bubbles. They don't really shatter, they just sort of vaporize into little wisps, and drift off into the icy breeze. It's almost more mesmerizing to watch than it would be if they stayed whole. See, you can have fun outdoors, even when it's frost-on-your-eye-lashes cold. [NightHawkInLight]



I kept waiting for something interesting to happen. How about I drop a turd while filming in high frame rate and set it to mood music so you can call it "mesmerizing".