Awesome dad builds giant luge track in his backyard for his family

When life gives you snow, don't just make a snowman. Make a giant luge track in your backyard for the whole family! A Dad in Minnesota does that every year to have some fun with winter and the track is pretty impressive with great slopes, windy turns and expertly designed snowbanks. Just look at his whole family slide down. How fun!


Winter sucks and everyone knows it but it's got to be a little bit better when you have an awesome dad who dedicates so much time into doing this for you, right? Screw watching the Winter Olympics when you can participate in your own matches from your own backyard! You can watch the whole KTNV Channel 13 news report below:

It's unfathomable to me that there can be so much snow in Minnesota. California is a little bit jealous. Just a little.

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Looks more professional than Sochi