Well this is was an interesting mail call. Nokia just delivered the Lumia Icon to our doorstep, and while we weren't given enough time to do a proper review before Nokia's embargo lifted—that's coming later this week—the glowing red $150 armored case it came in sure is something!

The 5-inch Windows Phone arrived in a Pelican Storm iM2450 case, which is a rugged military-grade briefcase you might buy if you were a combat photographer who often sends your camera barreling down waterfalls for whatever reason. (See Pelican advertising materials). To be clear, this is not the box it will come in if you buy the Icon. But it's the kind of case that feels like it should contain thousands of dollars of unmarked bills, or uncut cocaine straight from Colombia, or face-melting Raiders of the Lost Ark demons. Also, when you open it up it glows red like the chassis of a tricked-out Honda Civic.

The Nokia Lumia Icon will be available Feb 20 on Verizon for $200 with a two-year contract. It will not melt your face off.