Eager for an escape? You might consider Sri Lanka, that ancient island off the coast of mainland India that's not nearly as dangerous as it used to be. If you're not interested in ancient statues of Buddha, you might just want to rent this beautiful jungle bungalow.

Designed by Narein Perera and built in 2010, this minimalist retreat looks light above the rolling green hills of Matugama. Its three floors are designed to provide maximum privacy for the residents while also creating a feeling of openness. The elevated deck extending off the side of the hill does the trick. It must feel like you're floating above the farmland below.

As such, the design relies on thin lines and simple materials. It's just steel, timber, and bamboo. With just under 1,300 square feet of space, the bungalow is hardly imposing—which is really the way to be in the jungle. That way, the leopards can't find you. [ArchDaily]

All images via Narein Parera