This Giant Superdesk Is Bigger Than Your Average Suburban Home

When it was time for the NYC ad agency, Barbarian Group, to design a new office, they wanted to do something different. The agency wanted something more open, less inhibiting. So architect Clive Wilkinson built them an "endless table."


An endless table is exactly what it sounds like: One giant, continuous superdesk that wraps itself around the entire office and accommodates all 125 of the Barbarian Group's employees. It's 1,100 feet long and 4,400 square feet in total. It also includes seven archways, which lead the way to conference rooms and provide cozy nooks for meetings. It also cost $300,000, though the Barbarian Group says that's still cheaper that it would've been to outfit the office with cubicles.

Believe it or not, this is the second superdesk Wilkinson has designed. In 2004, he built a similar structure for Mother, an ad agency in London. The inspiration was actually the race track that Fiat has on the roof of its factory in Turin.

But the design of these superdesks also borrows from another sport: "It's made like a surfboard out of plywood, with a top of medium-density fiberboard," Wilkinson, who's also designed offices for Google, told The New York Times.

Of course, the only thing these ad agency employees will be surfing with this superdesk is the internet. I'll see myself out. [NYT, Digg]



maybe this is my baggage from working in open air offices and hating it but it seems like they tried really really really hard and still managed to give no one privacy or room to think.