People Actually Watch Less Porn on Valentine's Day

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Today, those of us who have significant others are obligated to spend time with them. Logic says that the rest of us go straight home after work and spend the night enjoying the most romantic porn we can find. Right? Untrue! People across the country actually watch less porn on Valentine's Day.


We reached out to our friends at Pornhub to find out just how much porn people consume on February 14th. It turns out that the same pattern repeats itself each year: On February 13th and 15th, traffic remains on par with Pornhub's monthly average of 35 million visits per day, but on the 14th, it seems, the fap is off. According to Pornhub VP Corey Price:

We actually experience drops in traffic on February 14th. Last year, for example, drops across the United States ranged from 5.36% - 14.47% depending on the state. That said, searches for Valentine's related porn rise exponentially.

Huh, so all the lonely, horny people can't watch enough porn to account for all the porn that attached people aren't watching. "It shows that for one night a year at least, people are busier with their significant others than they are with Pornhub," says Price.


Adam Clark Estes

But if you do want to watch a little porn, today is a good day!