You have to be a bit insane to land in this Dutch airport

Gilze-Rijen is—according to The Aviationist—one of the airports with the lowest final approaches in the world. They get so low that, when you are there, you think they are going to touch down on the road that crosses the head of the runway. And in fact, that has happened.


The first image by Jimmy Van Drunen is an Antonov 124—the largest mass-produced plane in the world—now leased by the Royal Netherlands Air Force to perform overseas support duties. The second is a US F-4E Phantom in June 1984. And the third is a Royal Netherlands Air Force NF-5A, snapped in 1987 by Jan Klijs. It seems the NF-5A "touched down short of runway 28 but the fence was low and the aircraft wasn't damaged too much."

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I've never been there, but I hear the airport at St. Martin is pretty wild.