Super Mario World is the key to parallel universes

Illustration for article titled emSuper Mario World/em is the key to parallel universes

This has to be the best example of the Many Worlds hypothesis by Hugh Everett, a theory that postulates that an infinite number of parallel universes exist thanks to quantum mechanics, with infinite versions of you doing infinite number of actions with infinite number of outcomes. Just like Mario here:

The video shows a superimposition of the 134 attempts that it took to complete one level in Kaizo Mario World, a hacked version of Super Mario World that is extremely hard to play. And by accident, thinks Kyle Hill, it "can teach a fundamental interpretation of quantum mechanics."


He's totally right, as physicist Sean Carroll explains in this video:

One more thing: Since there is an infinite of yous playing in an infinite number of universes, there's also an infinite number of yous who are real Italian plumbers reading this blog in Brooklyn right now.


The mind. She is blown.

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