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Holy cow, I can't believe this dude snowboarded down this snow wall

You see that speck at the top of the mountain? That's snowboarder Matt Annetts standing on top of a 3600 feet tall mountain face that's so steep it looks completely vertical. And he's going to snowboard down the whole damn thing. And you get to watch him. And yeah, it's nuts. Breath evaporatingly nuts.


It's a clip from Nuit de la Glisse's film IMAGINE which I, ahem, imagine is full of epic awesomeness like this. Watch the ballsiness below:

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Seriously, the level of amazement Sploid and Gizmodo show for "extreme" videos that aren't actually depicting anything that cutting edge at all for those of us in that industry is just mind boggling. You guys really have no idea how mediocre this stuff is in the world of people who ride or ski on a more regular basis. Look up Jeremy Jones (big mountain rider, not the park rider by the same name) and Xavier de la Rue.