Using WiFi and 2 hard drives, the Evesham MBox looks like a great way to store and push all your multimedia files from your PC to the rest of your home. The Mbox comes with a MBridge network music player and (this I like) back up software for any disasters you may encounter. Just download all your media onto one Mbox from your PC and stream it using Wi-Fi to the up to 5 Mboxes you can place anywhere in your home. Alternatively, an MBridge adapter can be plugged into any hi-fi or powered speaker system to listen to your tunes. Comes with a wireless remote and displays song, album, artist, genre and composer information. Also compatible with Internet radio. One Mbox with 160GB HDDs and an MBridge runs for about $1050 while each additional MBridge costs about $260.

We're not exactly sure, but it looks like Evesham may have licensed Roku's Soundbridge to power the Mbox.

Evesham Wi-Fi Gadget Sets Your Music Free [Bios Magazine]

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