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Dish Is Nuking Its Hopper DVR's Magical Ad-Skipping Feature for Disney

Illustration for article titled Dish Is Nuking Its Hopper DVRs Magical Ad-Skipping Feature for Disney

Dish's Hopper DVR is awesome precisely because it makes it so easy to skip ads. The WSJ reports that the company will be scaling back the awesome auto-skipping feature on some Disney programming. It seems that consumer choice Dish has been claiming to protect for years goes out the window, presumably when it gets a cut of the ad dollars for itself.


According to to the WSJ, Dish will disable its consumer-friendly "Auto Hop" feature for the first three days after a new ABC show airs so that Disney can collect those ever important advertising dollars. The Journal says this is part of a long-terms broadcast rights deal.


We shouldn't be surprised that Dish bowed to pressure from Disney during negotiations. Still, it's hard not to be a little disappointed given that the company is currently in a lawsuit with several networks over the Hopper's magical powers, and especially in light of the company's hard "damn-the-man" line when it comes to "standing up for consumers." We're all for sale, I guess. [WSJ]

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I am done with Dish, they don't carry any of the local sports market stations anymore. Sports are the only reason I keep cable.