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Right after Gateway s CEO Wayne Inouye walks out the door, the company rolls out a few new desktop PCs, and all are available now. Targeted at consumers and small businesses, Gateway now offers the DX110, DX210, and FX510 for your computing enjoyment. The DX series consists of two lower-priced configurations, with the DX110 starting at $450 and the DX210 at $550.

The DX110 features a single 64-bit Intel Celeron D processor and ATI Radeon X300 graphics on the motherboard, and has an 80GB hard drive. The DX210 raises the processor ante to the Intel Pentium 4 but keeps the Radeon X300 integrated graphics. The FX510, starting at $800, goes dual core with the Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955 or the Pentium D900 series with a 4 MB L2 cache. These more advanced FX series desktops also support Intel Viiv technology and include an integrated TV tuner and remote control.


Gateway introduces several new lines of desktop PCs