Exactly one year ago today, I set out to collect 314 pi-related YouTube videos in honor of Pi Day. I got to 22 before I gave up in disgust. Here is that post, untouched since March 14, 2013.

Happy Pi Day

Pi Day Song (Lose Yourself in the Digits)

Friday Pi Day

Pi Is (Still) Wrong

Rachel Maddow on Pi

Pi Day Song (Song a Day)

Pi Day With Frank Sinatra

What Pi Sounds Like


American Pi

Mathematical Pi

Pi Day Song (A Piece of Pi)

Pi Is Exactly 3

Are Shakespeare's Plays Encoded With Pi?

Pi Day 2011

Minecraft Pi Day

Pi Day - Promo

Pi Day Harlem Shake

Hard 'N Firm - Pi

Mathematical Pi (Song)

Pi Day Magic on TWiT

Celebrate Pi Day (Nancy Pelosi)