This Handy Hack Makes Any Receipt Printer Spit Out the Constitution

Ever have that sense of panic when you're standing in line at the grocery store and can't remember your constitutional rights? Well, then you need the CONSTI2GO, a clever little device that lets you print out a full copy of the U.S. Constitution in receipt form.

Unfortunately, the CONSTI2GO isn't really something you can buy in the store. It's hacker art, and it's awesome. The device is nothing more than a small processor inside of a handle with a button on top and a 20-foot-long cord with a serial port on the end. The port fits most commercial receipt printers, and the software works almost instantly.


Thibault Brevet, a Swiss artist who's into printers and printing, showed off the new toy at SXSW this year. (He was commissioned by by Jeff Goldenson for to do just that.) It's kind of ridiculous idea, but it also touches on some interesting themes like American consumerism and the price of rights. I bet the culture jammers would love to get their hands on one of these. [FastCo Design]

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