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3GSM, deemed the world's premier mobile event, is going on right now in Barcelona. Now while we don't happen to be there, we will still bring you all of the hot news information via some blogosphere cohorts who happened to be attending.

Let's see, we have the 6070, 6131 and 6136. Also there is news that Nokia and Sony Ericcson will be partnering for some DVB-H Mobile Digital TV.


They showed the EF91, which was pretty big because it will be released by June and also the EF51 Music Phone.

We have the Z560 and three new SPH-8400 Series phones.

What the hell. They are planning to release 30 new phones throughout Europe. No typos here, 30 new phones coming from Pantech.


Thanks to I4U and MobileWhack for being our seeing eye dogs for 3GSM.