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NVIDIA announced the GoForce 5500, a new mobility GPU that may what's in store from cellphone and mobile multimedia device makers. NVIDIA said its GoForce 5500 can display a resolution of 1024x768 on a cellphone, and it s also able to handle 10-megapixel still images. A 1024x768 cellphone? A 10-megapixel camera on a cellphone?

Well, the company said devices using this new graphics processing unit will be available by the holiday season of this year. NVIDIA shows that it's taking video on mobile devices seriously with this product, the first to be able to handle H.264, WMV9 and MPEG-4 including DivX and XviD in real time at native DVD resolutions. This new GoForce 5500 certainly takes cellphone gaming and video viewing to the next level—now it s time to see if cellphone makers and others can keep up.


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