All the airplanes that have mysteriously vanished since 1948

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As this Bloomberg map shows, Malaysian flight 370 is not the first flight to mysteriously disappear. 83 flights have vanished since 1948—80 of them never to be found again (the dots in yellow). This map only includes flights capable of carrying more than 14 passengers.


Some more curious stats:

  • Five planes were missing in the famous Bermuda Triangle.
  • The DC-3 is the airplane with the higher count of disappearances: 19.
  • The average number of people missing: 13.
  • The average number of vanished flight per year: 1.2.

Check out the full Bloomberg infographic here.

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I'm curious how many smaller planes have gone missing that had less than a max of 14 passengers.

In the winter of 1996 in northern New Hampshire, a Learjet 35 (8 passengers max, but only carrying the crew) went off course in a storm on Christmas Eve and "disappeared". I was a cub scout at the time and our troop was one of the many search parties. We spent a couple days hiking and searching around Smarts Mountain in northern New Hampshire but were unsuccessful. The wreckage wasn't found for almost three years and ended up being quite close to our search area in a dense forest alongside the mountain. Afterwards, a law was passed requiring all US-registered business jets to carry distress beacons.