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Teen Sneaks Past Sleeping Guard to Reach Top of 1 WTC

Illustration for article titled Teen Sneaks Past Sleeping Guard to Reach Top of 1 WTC

Weehawken 16-year-old Justin Casquejo pulled a fast one on the guards at One World Trade Center on Sunday, reaching the spire of the 1,776-foot-tall tower around 4AM and hanging out for at least two hours. Some people's rebellious teenage phases are just cooler than others.


According to the New York Post, the whole thing went down in a hilariously banal fashion: After coming into the city from New Jersey, Justin Casquejo crawled through a hole in the WTC security fence ("he's a skinny kid who got through a skinny hole," a source tells the Post). There, he asked an elevator operator to take him up to the 88th floor. The operator, it seems, was more than happy to do the bidding of an ID-less minor demanding a ride in a union elevator in the middle of the night. So far so good!

Casquejo's real pièce de résistance took place at the top floor—104—which he climbed up to after getting off the elevator at floor 88. There, he snuck past a slumbering guard and made it out onto the roof of the WTC, where he hung out for two hours, presumably until the rising sun woke the snoozing guard (who has since been fired, which, aw).


According to sources, he "ran hog wild" up there taking photos, which probably make his Russian counterparts look pathetic. But sadly, this single tweet was his only internet-bound response to the adventure. [NYPost]

Lead Image: AP photo/Mark Lennihan

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Seems weird that he knew what to do. Hole in fence, sure, but knowing that the elevator operator would let him go up, knowing which floor to get off at, knowing he would be able to sneak past the guard.

Side note, why was there an elevator operator in the middle of the night? Does the building "close" at night or is it open all the time? Are people incapable of pushing the buttons themselves? I don't think I've ever been in an elevator that had a dedicated person to push the button.