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Le1f: Boom

Man, New York-based MC/producer Le1f doesn't do it quite like anyone else, which is probably why I like his latest single "Boom" so much. It's a banger, but the first time I watched the video, I didn't know what the hell was going on.


Well, I get the the smoking weed and dancing in a dingy diner. These are things I'm familiar with. But there's a lot of side-eye in this dude's style, and the creeping production by Double Dutch and gritty video make what might otherwise be just a regular club jam promo into something more provocative.

It's not that the video—or song, for that matter—is all that abstract. It just doesn't lend itself to easy comparisons. Unless you're comparing it to good rap. That's exactly what this is. And the video by Sam B. Jones is real fun to look at, too. [iTunes/Spotify]

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I'm gonna get some hate for this,



Maybe I need to hear more of his stuff.. but this was pretty generic to me.

Repetitive.. nearly monotone.. pretty boring actually. I couldn't even find anything special about the lyrics.

It all seemed pretty standard for the over produced crap we see everywhere today.

Ok.. I'll give him the flow, but that alone doesn't make a good track.