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Steve Wozniak Tells Us He Can't Pick An Actor To Play Him—Can You Help?

Illustration for article titled Steve Wozniak Tells Us He Cant Pick An Actor To Play Him—Can You Help?

There are rumors that Christian Bale would play Steve Jobs in the good Jobs movie—written by Aaron Sorkin. But who can play the awesome Steve Wozniak? He's one of my personal heroes and I'm having a hard time imagining it. So I asked him about his opinion. Here's his reply:

The problem is that actors and celebrities are not my thing. I pay little attention to them and don't remember many of their names. It's easier to think of which actor I might want to play other people. When it's yourself, it's very hard to look at others and judge it that well. Also, my personality has shifted a great deal since the time frame of this movie and now. I would hope that they find an actor who can play a lot of inner thinking but quietness on the outside. A secret prankster inventor who shuns any limelight for personal reasons.

I'm sure that others will have many good suggestions but I trust the casting department. They are very careful in their choices for such a high budget movie so I trust them. There is no way to expect perfection. It's like buying a new car and constantly protecting it from dents. I prefer to let the dents come and call it 'character'.

I like to joke that I read about myself (or watch movies) to find out who I am and who I have to be, which is a way to see a lot of error but not get upset. Happiness = smiles - frowns and this minimizes frowning. I probably won't have any judgment of the selection, or of the film, until the first time I see it.


Makes total sense.

Perhaps you have some suggestion? He often reads Gizmodo and posts in the comments, so I'm sure he will enjoy your input.


Add the name of the actor and a photo in the comments, plus why you think he would be good at playing Woz.

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