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Microsoft has teamed up with KVH Industries to provide high-speed Internet service to ships at sea. If you have a jones for surfing the Web while out on your boat, here's blessed relief at last.

Using broadband EVDO data services, the new RF Internet access will reportedly have data rates similar to home DSL services, ranging from 400kbps to 2.4 Mbps (or presumably, similar speeds to what other EVDO providers offer now). KVH is combining its Mobile Internet Receiver with Microsoft's MSN TV 2 Internet and Media Player, where you'll be able to browse the Web and use Windows Media Player, MSN Mail, MSN Messenger, and MSN video and radio. There's also a wireless keyboard to control it all.


Your diving buddies will be happy to know that the Mobile Internet Receiver also has WiFi output, turning that vessel into a floating hotspot for laptops all over the yacht. Considering that EVDO only works a few miles from the tower, we don't imagine this will be much good for ocean-crossing internet junkies.

Pricing was not announced, but it will be available mid-year.

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