10,000 Falling Dominoes That Actually Work As a Simple Computer

YouTube is chock full of falling domino videos, but Numberphile's Matt Parker may have trumped them all with a complicated 10,000 domino setup that just so happens to function as a very crude computer. How is such a thing even possible? This primer video explains the basics.

Depending on how you choose to start the chain reaction, the larger scale version is capable of adding any two four-digit binary numbers and returning the result as a five-digit binary sum. So while its calculating prowess isn't exactly mind-blowing, the fact that this even works (despite the setup running into a small calculating glitch) is pretty neat.

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Interesting. It was above my head but one of the engineers for Disney Infinity said you could aactually make one of these gates in the Disney Infinity game toy box. It was above my head at the time, but I understand it a little better after watching this video.