Credit Card-Reading Spy Camera Found in the NYC Subway

Be careful on the subway. Sure, the platforms are safer than ever, and the cars are even pretty clean. But credit card thieves seem to come up with a new way to steal your personal information every day. The latest ploy: a card-reading spy camera, hiding above the MetroCard machine.

The MTA just put out a call for customers "to be vigilant" when buying MetroCards, after finding the hidden camera inside of a power outlet in the heavily trafficked 59th St-Columbus Circle station. A passenger noticed the device and ripped it down before taking it to the station agent. The MTA also found a card-skimming device installed on one of the machines.


The hidden camera was attached to cable housing above the MetroCard machine. It does look like a pretty strange place to put a power outlet.

This is hardly the first time that such devices have been discovered near the card machines in New York's public transit system.

Just last November, a number of hidden cameras and skimmers were found on the Long Island Railroad. But this latest incident does show how the thieves are becoming more creative.


A view of the spy camera's guts. The long black part is a battery.

So watch out, folks. Whether you're shopping at Target or just trying to go to work, you're vulnerable any time you start waving around your plastic in public. Easy solution? Buy your train tickets online in the safety of your own home. [Business Insider]


The credit card skimming device as it was installed in the machine. Hard to see, isn't it?


The skimmer after it was removed from the machine.

All images via MTA


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