Red Hot Nickel Ball vs. Peeps: Fiery Death Has Never Been So Adorable

For whatever reason, Easter has become that special time of year when people everywhere gather round to destroy tiny, marshmallow birds in the most demented ways they know how. And so far, it looks like Red Hot Nickel Ball has this year on lockdown.


We've seen our good friend Nickel Ball take down quite a few opponents in its time—but never anything quite as cute as a Peep. And of course, one Peep is never enough, regardless of whether you're eating them or melting them into a charred, gooey puddle of Easter cheer. This is a melty Peep massacre.

So rest in peace, dear Peeps. We'll remember you always—or at least until the Red Hot Nickel Ball kills something cooler. [carsandwater]



I thoroughly enjoy all of the Nickel Ball videos, but there's something extra sadistic about this one... Or maybe it's just me projecting my own dislike of Peeps?