DreamWorks has been having a really rough time lately. Their latest film, Mr. Peadbody and Sherman did quite poorly at the box office despite being a good movie. In fact, three of their four most recent movies resulted in a financial loss, and they're basically banking on How To Train Your Dragon 2 to be a hit (which it will, because it looks awesome).

The good news is that DreamWorks isn't going to just stand around and let their bombing movies keep them down. Instead, they're turning to YouTube this summer for an extra bit of money. According to the Wall Street Journal the DreamWorksTV channel will feature some of your favorite characters, like Puss in Boots (what's that? He's not actually one of your favorite characters?) in fun little shorts. But since the original voice actors would cost too much for projects like this, DreamWorksTV will employ sound-alike actors.


They'll also be live-action content, like a hidden camera show and a scripted comedy series. It's impossible to tell whether any of that will be funny, but a show about pranking parents sure seems to be targeting an audience that has plenty of better stuff to watch. We'll have to see, though.

Regardless of how this new channel does, it's good to see that DreamWorks Animation is taking the initiative to try something new. And more creating more content, in theory, is never a bad thing. So keep an eye out on YouTube, because DreamWorks is coming.