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In honor of the recent iPod touchscreen shenanigans that can be seen here and here, we are holding our own contest to see if any Gizmodo readers can pull a similar feat.

We want to see your best faked photo. Fake, being some kind of high-tech object—the next PSP, the next iPod, the next great cellphones—that isn t real but looks real. There are numerous ways that this can be done. You could build the entire object and then snap a picture, you could do all of the fake work in Photoshop, or you could a do a little bit of both like the tricksters with the iPod touchscreen. Once you get it done, email that picture over to with "Phake Photo Phun" in the subject line. When emailing your final submission try to make it no bigger than 520 pixels wide. Bonus points go to the people who also document their fake creation with video. Youtube can be used for any uploading if you do decide to document the creation via video. Tag videos with the word "Gizmodo Photo Phun."


Here is what is at stake. Four, yes four Gorillapods. The top four entrants will receive a Gorillapod valued at $24.99. The Gorillapod is an extremely versatile tripod for use with small, lightweight cameras. The flexible legs can wrap around nearly anything for the perfect picture. More information about the Gorillapod can be found here.

Get those submissions in. The contest deadline is Noon on Monday March 6. All of the standard Gawker contest rules apply.