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One wag at the Mercury News makes some interesting points on Intel's new Viiv initiative and AMD's AMD Live, two iffy home entertainment standards that appear, even after close scrutiny, to the be product of kicking and flailing by two major chip companies trying to compete with a) game consoles b) set-top digital cable boxes and c) home hobbyists. The real question, it seems, is "Will the average TV-watcher welcome a PC into their home?" and the corollary to that question is "Doesn't the XBox 360/TiVo/PS3 already fill the space where a PC would sit?"

Unlike many of Intel's other branding attempts, Viiv seems to be flying under the radar. What does that mean for us at home? Not much. There is some speculation that the standard will be revamped to offer something a little more interesting than instant-on multimedia and Plays-For-Sure-esque promises, but that's about it. We'll keep you posted.

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Langberg column: Will ``Viiv'' and ``AMD Live'' sow confusion? [SiliconValley via TechDirt]

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