What getting a tattoo looks like in super slow motion

If you ever wondered what getting a tattoo feels like, just watch this super slow motion video showing up close shots of the tattoo needle relentlessly stabbing people's skin over and over again so that the ink sets underneath. It's hypnotic and rhythmic actually, if you're the type to enjoy seeing skin bounce up and down like jello and like to think about pain and your own mortality every now and again.


The video, which is full of really fun angles, was posted by the tattoo artist Guet.

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That shows what getting a tattoo looks like, but not what it feels like. It's different for everyone and different depending on where on the body/how much meat on said body part you have. I was terrified of needles, but got my first tattoo at age 18 - I didn't even feel it. I couldn't believe it, I had built it up in my mind that it would be scary and painful, but it was nothing.

I now have 5 tattoos - all in various places and none really hurt - I actually find tattoos very relaxing and almost fell asleep during my last one. Now the part that hurts is the after part, when it's healing. No one told me about that. Some say it feels like a sunburn, but I've never had a sunburn so I couldn't tell you. What it felt like to me was having chickenpox on the area and I desperately wanted to scratch but couldn't.