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Canton has introduced its CD 200 series of loudspeakers that are used with flat-panel video displays. The line includes three models sold separately or as a part of packaged 5.1-channel system that includes subwoofers. The floor-standing CD 200 features aluminum housing and a low-depth cylindrical shape that serves to minimize standing wave formation within the enclosure. The Canton CD 200 floor-standing models each have four aluminum woofers. These bad boys all have a crossover network design that is used to reproduce low-frequency bass signals and have the upper pair reproduce upper-bass and midrange signals. The CD 200 measures in at 5.5 inches wide, 4 inches deep and 43 inches tall. This beauty can be yours $750.

Canton has also released some lower-end models and a 5.1-channel theater system that mixes all of the models together to achieve a Home Theater package. The Home Theater packages have a suggested retail of $1,999 and $3,099.

Canton Debuts New CD-200 Series Loudspeakers and Home Theater Packages [GSPR]