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As part of Sony Ericsson's low-end initiative, three of the cellphones in the group are the K310 (left) and K510 (middle) candybars and the Z530 clamshell. All three are tri-band phones but don't have EDGE support. The K310 has a sub-megapixel camera, 15MB of memory without a flash card slot and a 128x160 65,536 color display straight out of yesterday.

The K510 raises the bar a bit with a 1.3-megapixel camera and a screen that offers more colors but is the same size as the K310. It raises the ante for onboard memory to 28MB and adds Bluetooth 2.0. Both are the same size, about 4 inches tall and -inch thick, and are capable of seven hours of talk time in 360 hours on standby.


Then there's the K530 clamshell phone, also with 2 MB of memory and adds a Memory Stick Micro slot. It has the same 128x160 display as the K310 with a monochrome screen on the outside. All three of these phones will ship during the next quarter.

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