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I love me some Linux. I'm a Linux freakazoid. Seriously. So they make a Tux-shaped mini-PC. I love the design and I love little Tux, but as I read further, I was appalled. Shocked! Think of the children!

TUX Case is made up of six coloured parts in PVC: pecker, right and left legs are yellow, tummy, face and eyes sockets are made with one white part, front and back half are black.

Inside, however, there's a mini-PC complete with two USB ports, an Ethernet port, and runs a RISC-based Acme Fox SBC board, which is about as big as a playing card. While I love the idea of a small, sexy computer shaped like Tux, I'd prefer it if those filthy Italians would leave his genitalia out of the fun.

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