Discover the secretive Pyongyang in this exclusive 22-minute GoPro tour

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Aram Pram—a Singapore-based virtual tour photographer—says that he got special permission from the North Korean government to produce this exclusive 22-minute GoPro tour of Pyongyang. After seeing the entire thing, it kind of looks like any nondescript American city.

Pram—who runs DPRK 360, a project that aims to graphically document the entire Communist country—claims the footage is uncut and uncensored. While this may be true, I imagine there may have been some official suggestions about the car's path.


Still—from what we can see—if you add a lot of cars and some malls, it's not that different from the oceans of soulless cement that you can find in America or in any city around the world. It just looks a bit spooky because of the lack of traffic in those big avenues, but it's not the hell on Earth some of you may believe it is. Except for the total lack of freedom, human rights, due process, and the arbitrary executions, that is. Among many other nice things.

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I wonder if the author realizes that almost the entire GDP of the country is devoted to keeping the capital cleaned up as a showcase city...where the residents have special privileges and access to good and services completely absent from the rest of the country.

The other 99% of the DPRK actually is that hell on earth everyone believes it is. There have been some excellent books written full of first hand accounts from those who've managed to escape. The author should try reading some of them.