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Taiwan's Antig Technology and AVC Corp will be showing off a fuel cell for laptops at next week's CeBIT Trade Show. They're saying their fuel cell is production-ready and can go into laptops by the second half of this year.

While we here at Gizmodo love the idea of anything that allows us to stay outdoors for longer to write this blog, at least in warm weather, you'll have to pardon our strong (but loving) skepticism when it comes to fuel cells actually making it into consumer laptops anytime this year. After all, in 2003 NEC was saying fuel cell-powered laptops would be out in 2004 and that by 2006 they expected "the fuel cell to be much more efficient and run for almost 40 hours without needing a top-up." Ha! Toshiba's also been meaning to ship fuel cells in their laptops since 2004, but admitted at CeBIT 2005 that it'd probably be three more years before they could actually commercialize them.


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