Report: Apple's Turning the iPhone Into a Remote For Your Entire House

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In addition to a new iPhone possibly making an appearance at Apple's June 2nd Worldwide Developer Conference launch event, the Financial Times is reporting that the company plans to introduce new smart home software and functionality that puts your iOS devices in control of everything in your home—from lighting to your security system. Because your life doesn't already revolve around your iPhone enough.


And to help it compete with other smart home systems already on the market, Apple's system will reportedly work with products from other companies as long as they meet specific quality, security, and privacy requirements.

Specific details as to how the system will work aren't known yet, but speculation includes using Apple's iBeacon technology, or other established wireless protocols if the new iPhone were to finally include NFC functionality. But since that would limit the number of iOS devices that would work with Apple's supposed new smart home system, that's probably a long shot.

There is no shortage of home automation products on the market right now, and the majority already work with their own accompanying smartphone apps. But having to use a different app and UI for your home's lighting as you do for your air conditioner is a pain that Apple is obviously hoping to alleviate here.

By bringing everything together under one app, automating and scheduling the other devices in your home will hopefully be a little less of a headache. Unless turning on the lights when you walk in the door and other functionality becomes an in-app purchase, instead of an included feature. [Financial Times via Business Insider]


Robert Campbell

Pretty much all home automation hardware (X-10,Belkin, Nest, etc.) already have some sort of iOS app. So....not news?