Dad makes crazy sound effects by playing drums on his kid's back

Let's not freak out, guys. It's a kid and his dad having fun. The dad, who is in the band Atticus Avenue, uses his kid's back to play the drums and ends up creating some awesome sound effects and a fun drum beat because of the combination of squeaks, squeals and laughter coming from his kid.


They're having a rocking good time! Just don't tell Mom, right?

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This causes me almost physical pain, I miss my son so bad when his mother has him. Little boys are god damned awesome. I hated my dad for a long time for pining for the days when his sons were all prepubescent boys, and now...I don't want my three year old to ever grow up. Sometimes I cry in the evenings when I don't get to sneak in to his bedroom after he falls asleep.

I don't get deadbeat, uncaring dads. I also don't get mothers who would take their sons from their fathers. I'm a jaded internet cynic most of the time, but as a father, all of that is washed away by the painful, wonderful cleansing love I have for my young son.