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What's Actually in a Slim Jim

Meat sticks. They're nature's (perverted) candy. But what's actually in those delicious meat-like tubes? And do we even want to know? Well, too bad. Because either way, Wired has your answer.


Some of you may be pleased to find out that, yes, that is indeed (at least partially) real beef you're shoving into your body. That is, in addition to mechanically separated chicken, corn and wheat proteins, lactic acid cultures, dextrose, salt, sodium nitrite, and the ever-tasty hydrolyzed soy.

As Wired explains in the video above, all of these various and unnatural-sounding ingredients work together in a beautiful blend of science to keep your room-temperature meat stick looking delightfully red and rot-free. You know, just like mom used to make. [Wired]

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if you live in chicago and want a real meat stick you should check out a place called Paulina market. Crap tons of meat sticks with no nasty fillers.