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Only a Long Exposure Photo Can Reveal This Video's Secret Images

An artist named Brian Matthew Hart has found a way to cleverly combine long-exposure photography and video into a kind of new medium that requires a bit of patience—and a decent camera—to fully experience and appreciate.


To the human eye, Brian's video Uncertainty looks like nothing but white dots randomly milling about against a black background. But taking advantage of long-exposure light painting techniques, which have become even more popular as of late, the video's random dots slowly create an image unveiled by a camera.


The resulting images also have a very distinct look to them, adding to the appeal and originality of Hart's creation. But if you're the type who finds themselves bored out of their mind minutes after walking into an art gallery, you're probably not going to have the patience to fully enjoy this work. [Brian Matthew Hart via PetaPixel]

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Justin Duke

You also get a bit of it if you scrub the slider....