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We've got some video coming up, but here's our initial impression of the Samsung Q1, the UMPC/Origami/Mini-PC/Mini-Slate that has been keeping us up at night. We're here to tell you that yes, it's small and light. Yes, it' runs Windows XP. And no, it isn't very impressive.

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The Q1 is simply a smaller and much lighter Tablet PC. It has a directional thumbstick, a CF slot, VGA-out, Audio-out, and a unique port for what appears to be a some sort of dock. It's is not horribly expandable—just two USB 2.0 ports—and we didn't get to see any of the cool UI features that they've been flogging on all of those videos, which means that they are going to be in software packages that MS will release later.


This is clearly a media device first. The Q1 actually has a TV tuner and big honking antenna and the screen was sharp and clear. It's very light and kept cool even under the bright lights of CeBIT. Generally, this is a home multimedia tablet. I can't see this make it in the business world except as a replacement for the various functions tablets serve right now.

I am not holding my breath on this one, folks. This new Microsoft media software better rock my world or I'm going to be severely pissed.