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This is another heavy-duty phone from BenQ-Siemens. It is constructed of aluminum and magnesium. This clamshell has a lot of the same features of its sliding counterpart, the EL 71. It has a small, 1-inch color screen outside along with four buttons that for the camera and media. Inside there is an average-sized screen and a sleek, flat aluminum keypad. The camera is placed on the hinge of the clamshell, so the large, inner screen cannot be used for the camera unless it is self-portraits. The camera faces outwards when the clamshell is closed, but then you are restricted to using the small, outer screen.

This image was lost some time after publication.

We've seen this same skinny profile three times already from three different manufacturers. Look familiar?


Note - We are inundating you with BenQ phones because we are currently surrounded by the entire spring line here. We'll be hitting the floor again at 9am EST.

Product Page [BenQ-Siemens]