The MTA Clearly Doesn't Watch Futurama

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This morning, passengers headed to NYC on the Metro-North rail line hit serious delays. The culprit? A suspicious package found near the Farfield, CT station. Or rather, a suspiciously Bender-shaped package. Bite my shiny metal ass, commuters.


To be fair, it's always better safe than sorry when it comes to unknown parcels in public places. See something, say something, etc. And it's a good thing that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority takes its job seriously. But an eighth-grade woodshop project that pays shaky-handed tribute to Futurama's alcoholic robot is suspicious only in its awesomeness.

We only hope that when the MTA figured out it wasn't a bomb, someone shouted "good news, everyone!" [Stamford Advocate]



I can't imagine the real Bender would shamelessly rip off the Mooninites gag from a few years ago.