WSJ: Google Is Going to Announce an Android TV Set-Top Box at I/O

Illustration for article titled WSJ: Google Is Going to Announce an Android TV Set-Top Box at I/O

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google will announce "at least one" set-top box running its Android TV operating system at today's I/O event.


While we already know for sure that Android will announce its Android TV OS, the Journal claims that a set-top box, branded by its manufacturer, will also make an appearance. The newspaper doesn't say which OEM will be making the device, and says that it's unclear if there will be Google-branded versions.

Details about features are scant, but the Journal writes that other Android devices will serve as controllers for the box, and that video games will be a focus. Indeed, a dev is reported to have told the WSJ that you could pause a game on your smartphone and pick it straight up on your TV, which sounds neat.

Of course, it's not clear how accurate the rumors are—so this may or may not all happen. But either way, we don't have long before we find out. [WSJ via Verge]


Google unveils Android TV, it's new baby, while trying to hide Google TV in the basement like a red-headed step-child. Well I still have that ginger sitting in my living room, and it needs some affection! Update me please!