The unfortunate side effect of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's email provider Lavabit pulling the plug rather than complying with the feds is that a bunch of terribly unlucky Lavabit users are now left without an email account. It's not every day you expect your email service to go all harakiri on itself because the government is sticking its nose everywhere Snowden has ever sat down.

A bunch of Lavabit users took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their displeasure because that's what people do when something shitty happens. And sure, there are bigger things at play here than losing your email account (like the government's manhunt for Snowden) but it's not exactly a good thing when your email disappears without warning. I know I'd be more than slightly annoyed. Especially if I used Lavabit because I thought it was going to always be secure.

So here are a few of the unlucky folks, maybe we can help them figure out which email service—one that will preferably stay up—to move to next? Maybe they'll eventually get to migrate nicely?