It's not just another Friday here in America—it's the Fourth of July, where we celebrate our independence by blowing up small bits of the land we threw tea in an ocean for. And what better way to let freedom ring than by downloading Gizmodo's favorite apps of the week?

Multi-Platform Updates



Vine just got more addicting by adding a mesmerizing loop counter, which tabulates the total number of loops your video has been watched by friends, strangers, and the NSA. Unfortunately, this only applies to Vines made after April 3rd and doesn't work retroactively. Additionally, they've redesigned the home feed and added data about milestones in your Vine's activity. [Android, iOS]

Facebook Messenger

After dismantling their premier app into several standalone apps, Facebook has released an easy alternative for day to day communication. The app can work as a phone, an instant messaging service, as well as a hub for photo and video sharing but operates within your data plan, so you're not charged or limited per text, phone call, etc... Many of the services are free when you use WiFi, but might get costly if you exceed your data plan. [Android, iOS]


Android Wear


The recently released Android Wear platform that powers Google's new smartwatches just got its own companion app with support for some great third party apps. Use the Android Wear app (cleverly dubbed—you guessed it—Android Wear) to access news, weather, and your various social media platforms seamlessly from your watch's native interface—a step in the right direction for wearables everywhere. [Free]



New to Android this week, GlassesOff aims to improve the quality of your vision through simple exercises that claim to take up less than an hour of your time per week. While you obviously won't walk away with 20-20 vision, you can significantly reduce your need for reading glasses while performing simple, everyday tasks. Try the initial levels of improvement for free, then purchase the pro version if you're determined to live glasses-free. [Free]



Since I am notoriously bad at pronouncing foreign names, places, and everything that hasn't been anglicized, an app like this is wildly helpful. Namez allows users to record and play the correct pronunciation of names and places by embedding an easily accessible audio file into emails, websites, documents, and pretty much anything else someone might want to access. They've embraced World Cup fever by introducing users to the app through the many international names you see (and don't know how to pronounce) that are popping up in Brazil right now. [Free]




Smart shoppers have a cool new tool for their arsenal—SnapUp. The app allows users to compile all of their shopping data into one place, managing and tracking specific items, lists, and sales all through mere screenshots. That means there's no need to toggle back and forth between different browsers and apps to find what you're looking for. Just snap a quick screenshot and let SnapUp do the rest. [Free]

iTunes U


When Apple rolled out iTunes U, there was a lot left wanting. However, the most recent overhaul gives educators a few helpful tools that might actually be of use in the classroom. The change seems mostly to affect educators, as their ability to create coursework directly through the app is hyper streamlined, but the benefits have the potential to be felt throughout. Not to mention, students get powerful new discussion and management tools as well as a plethora of primary and secondary sources to do with as they please. [Free]



Looking to spice up your love life? 3nder wants to make it easy for you by giving those in search of a threesome the tools they need (both male and female tools, specifically). Currently, the app operates through Facebook's login, so it is unfortunately without the anonymity so crucial in today's threesome-facilitating apps. Still, if you're not shy and looking for love times three, you may have found the answer to your kinky prayers. [Free]

Windows Phone



Find time to work out with FN8 (Fit in 8), which provides you with quick and convenient workouts that will leave you feeling great. The best part? You get to completely avoid immersing yourself in the drudgery of gym culture. [Free]

iPhone Launcher


If you have iPhone envy but can't seem to break away from your beloved Windows Phone, iPhone Launcher can help you streamline your mobile interface. The app brings the iPhone home screen's simple, iconic layout to your decidedly non-iPhone device. The next update is probably just buying an iPhone. [Free]

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