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Until now, you could have just about any color iMac you wanted, as long as it was white. Not any more. If your iMac is just too white for your taste, take a look at Mactallic, shiny and colorful stick-on metallic overlays that fit perfectly on the front of an iMac. Don't let some eccentric billionaire from California decide what color your iMac will be—take charge and go nuts with blue, pink, green, orange, or black, and if you feel like it, go for the silver one that looks like that anodized aluminum case of the Mac G5. Checking the Mactallic website, looks like they're sold out at the moment, but with a product like this, we would assume they'll restock quickly. The overlays are $39.95 for the 17-inch iMac and $44.95 for the 20-inch iMac.

Mactallics Bring Color to Your White iMac [Chip Chick]