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Lest you forget, gaming is in right now. More often than not, however, audio in games tends to get overlooked. In steps Razer, a company dedicated to making your games sound as good as possible. The launch of their Barracuda Integrated Audio System, a set combining specially designed gaming headphones and audio card for the PC, means to improve the aural experience of wherever your gaming takes you. The AC-1 Gaming Audio Card touts 7.1-channel output, 24-bit audio technology and 117dB SNR. Razer s Fidelity technology improves positional audio, a coup for gamers. The HP-1 Gaming Headphones come with a built-in microphone for in-game trash talking and its 99% oxygen-free copper cord ensures all that crisp audio goodness gets delivered to your ears with minimal interference.

Press Relase [Razer Barracuda]