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Tyan has created a monster supercomputer that harnesses all that power into a box that fits under your desk. Aimed at researchers and scientists, the Typhoon Personal Super Computer (PSC) is available with either Opteron or Pentium processors inside, and consists of four dual-socket blades in a box equipped with cooling fans that are so quiet you could actually live with them running in the same room. Each one of its four blades is hooked up to a SATA drive, and all of those are linked together via gigabit Ethernet. The Opteron handles 64GB of memory, while the Pentium settles for just 32GB.

With 16 cores at full speed, imagine how well it could play Quake. Sure, it's for scientists today, but so were PCs not long ago—this just might be the beginning of a new category of personal computers, the PSC.

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