Archos popped out two AV devices, the AV700, a media player/recorder with DVB-T tuner, and the 104, a small flash drive with customizable UI. They showed both of them at a special meeting at CeBIT.

The AV700 has up to 40GB of hard drive space and plays WMA, MPEG-4, AVI, and WMV9, among others. The big news, however, is that the DVB tuner works in a moving vehicle, which makes it great for the train.


The 104 is a flash-based, color OLED player that comes in three sassy colors, black, silver, and pink. It will cost $149.95 and plays WMA-DRM, WAV, and JPGs. It has 4GB of storage. It's a successor to the GMINI XS 100.

AV700 Translation [GenerationMP3]

Archos 104 Translation [GenerationMP3]

Original Archos AV700 for $509 (without tuner)