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It's man's most-pondered question: Does size matter? While there are social and scientific explanations of the varying size of male genitalia, I feel as though none of them truly answer the question for the individual. They seem rather to quell the ongoing question only temporarily, but without an answer you can take into the bedroom.


Patrick Moote, the director of UnHung Hero, turns the camera on himself in a documentary that is unbelievably raw, honest, and hard to watch at times. It follows Patrick after a failed marriage proposal in which his girlfriend explains the reason behind her answer is actually the size of his penis.

While UnHung Hero is a light and humorous documentary, it has some pretty grave and serious undertones, especially as Patrick's frustration nears a mental breakdown toward the end of the film. Overall, it does a better job of instilling confidence in those with small penises than statistics about sex as mere reproduction, or how people choose their mates.


I'd definitely recommend watching it, although be sure it doesn't surface on your "Recently Watched" category on Netflix—especially if you share that account with your parents. [Top art: Amazon]

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